Code of Ethics

  • OCDO members consider the health of their patients as a major value and provide the best appropriate care to help them achieve optimal health.
  • OCDO members take full responsibility for all of the care that they provide to their patients.
  • OCDO members respect the privacy and protect the confidentiality of each patient from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, regardless of his religion, culture or choices.
  • OCDO members do not take advantage of their patients for their own or others' interests or gains.
  • OCDO members refer their patients to other appropriate health care provider when the necessary care is beyond their level of proficiency.
  • OCDO members promote and provide accurate and objective information on Drugless Osteopathy to the public and members of various levels of government.
  • OCDO members organize and maintain a safe work environment.
  • OCDO members actively take part in continuing education programs to bring up to date and expand their knowledge on recent developments in Drugless Osteopathy.

By applying for a membership with OCDO I hereby confirm that I have read the objectives and code of ethics of the Ontario Council of Drugless Osteopathy, and I agree to follow them.